Play the song please.

Things I should’ve written down months and months ago. How’ve you been doing? I hope you’re doing okay.

Getting by and going through are good things. I just wonder about change. Many many coffee mornings after, my life is made simple. I’ve learned to knock down towers of unnecessaries and focus. Still ongoing by the way. Hehe.

There are days when quiet is not happening. I’d so loved discovering old songs online to blast to quiet myself. Music is an invisible free gift to everyone in need. I realized the powerful rescue of it in my life. Like a friend holding your shoulders and holding you still. I was able to dig out songs from the 90s and 80s. It’s like opening a treasure chest that was kept in the basement locked and hidden. Looking through familiar songs whose melodies that captured me. “I can dream about you”, “Daisy Jane”, “Alive and Kicking”.

I wonder about those guys. Those who bring terror and fear and harm to complete strangers. What songs do they listen to? Will anybody introduce Jonathan Butler or Sara Groves to them? Just so they can take it home. Keep them company, too. And maybe re-think about the bad they feel like doing. Did they ever hum a tune? Did his mom ever sing a lullaby? Maybe not. Maybe that’s why. I hope they stumble upon good music. Good songs. Maybe they’ll bump into me, or to you.

In any case, play the song please. 🙂


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