End of 2015


     I’d make it a point to trace their hand on red cloth, cut the red handprint and sew it on our christmas skirt under our tree. Another year to hold them, hear them, and to watch them. Growing and going.

An hour left now til the last day begins. What was it like for you?

We did our annual cleaning out things. Old toys, shoe boxes, paper bags, just litter. It took me and the boys the whole afternoon to my surprise. My youngest is distracted pulling one toy out, getting in the zone for a moment, then continuing on his mission to get rid of them. My eldest actually enjoys rearranging his room, cleaning out on his own. We finally sat at dinnertime, rested and satisfied that most of the trash is out of the house.

Tomorrow, we write His faithfulness in paper as we remember and list things happened in the year. I get to clean out as well of days of doubt and shame, fear and disappointment, failures. Making room for the good year 2016. Like smelling freshly brewed coffee in cozy mornings. Excited to taste and see.

New things ahead for all of us, I believe. Happy new year! 🙂


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