10 years homeschool is done…for my eldest. happysad

First of all, Moon. Ending our homeschool journey. How much love I feel knowing it is done. He’s such a good boy, a blessing and a gift. He has taught me so much about me through this. His eyes like a mirror to my soul, and my facial expressions. Many days I’d feel alone in this, but I never was. My sons are with me, right there with me.

I’m excited, impatient, uncertain and certain. Insert all the emiticons right here. I’m my children’s biggest fans, supporters, prayer warriors.

10 years of first days and last days of school. White board, class bell (yes, tried it), red ballpens, sharpened missing pencils, printing worksheets, checking through the hallway and peeking in his room to see if he’s okay. It did end. I will miss being your homeschool teacher, Cairo. Thank you for the privilege to know who you are, who your friends are, what you can do, and what you did to me. I’m sorry for things I’ve put you through, made you go through. The mistakes I’ve made.

I surrender once again into Your hands. My heart will trust You more.

Thank You.

6 years with my youngest. Fleeting.

The past 10 years of homeschool was trial and testing, failing, joy and tears, weakness and strength.

Oh my dear God, I am so thankful that You stay with me. Keeping them with You.
That they would mature because they know You love them and You always will.

Strangely windy this supposedly hot summer day. Never know for sure. But to stay always in all ways with You.


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