Seeds to see.

You should see my desk right now. It’s a mess.

And this is a good thing.

Comfort Zones can be prisons. I sit on my chair looking out into the just-rained front lawn of mine and I see about 30 birds partying, singing, and bathing in those puddles. They’re not a bother.

I took two avocado seeds and planted them differently. One in the soil, one stuck with toothpicks hanging and dipped in a glass jar so I’m youtubed-told. Something about seeing things grow. Of course I wanted the glass jar seed to show me something cause it would be so cool to see those roots reaching down slowly. Days after, I checked.. none. The one I planted in the soil had a small leaf sticking out. Oh, wow take a look, discovery news! I shrugged my shoulders and smiled.

Oh but what joy! Days after that, I checked the glass jar and saw ROOTS!! Long ones too! Seriously! I was amazed.

For roots to break through, the seed had to be planted and had to die. But the life after this is extraordinary with so much more to spring forth.

So instead of thinking my desk is a mess, I’m just going to saying it’s bearing fruit. =)

Okay fine, I’ll clean up. Laters!


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